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The BitBlox Team

Ben Gelfand


Ben began his career with Fidelity Investments in October of 1987 and since has worked for Merrill Lynch and TD Waterhouse, among others, in sales, investment management, trading, private equity and investment banking roles. Ben has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Ohio University.

Frank Kordy

Chief Financial Officer

Since 1997, Mr. Kordy has assisted numerous publicly traded companies in both Canada and the United States with their corporate communication, corporate disclosure, corporate financing, marketing and investor relations endeavors. Mr. Kordy has successfully assisted several companies with their Canadian “go public” mandates. Furthermore, Mr. Kordy assists Canadian listed companies in gaining access to the U.S. capital trading markets by providing them guidance and navigating them through the OTC Markets listing process.

Anthony R. Pearlman


Anthony has over 30 years background in all facets of technology and business development, combined with an extensive relationship network and global knowledge about the technology market. He is currently the CTO for Yappn Corp., and runs his own technology consulting company, XL9 CORP. Previously, he was President of Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX: ESL), and CIO for Valu-net Corporation.

Rosemary Heather

VP Public Relations and Communications

Rosemary has been in the blockchain space since 2015. A widely-published communications professional, she has worked as Content Strategy Director for Decentral, one of the first blockchain consultancies in Toronto. A writer and editor Blockgeeks and Bitcoin Magazine, she is a consultant on the new blockchain educational project, Blockchange.ca, and Vancouver-based 221A’s blockchain initiative, which has UBC’s Blockchain Cluster as a partner.

Oleg Mitrakhovich

VP of Technology

Oleg has significant experience building GPU mining rigs with various operating systems, and advanced machine level BIOS optimizations, contributing to the successful mining of Ether, ZCash, Dash and Bitcoin. His expertise includes running projections on crypto currency mining operations, and emulating data center build models that include a large volume of differing machine types and a wide range of token-based products.

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