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Part of a wave of emerging technologies, cryptocurrencies are indivisible from a new economy that is now being built. This will see a new wave internet that utilizes smart contract and other blockchain and AI-based integrations, with cryptocurrencies driving adoption. Within this new paradigm, cryptocurrency mining will be a central venture. Taking a multi-platform approach to this business, BitBlox Technologies Inc. (“BitBlox” or the “Company”) is poised to capture value in successive phases as the industry continues to evolve and scale. Creating a complete ecosystem of value-creation, BitBlox cryptocurrency mining will provide the basis for an innovative token product that is monetized according to mining profit margins. A percentage of the budget will also be invested in the development of a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) based crypto-mining technology platform. This will involve Research & Development into relevant Artificial Intelligence applications leveraging Deep and Machine Learning techniques, and managed data collection and analytics, ensuring that BitBlox is devoting resources long-term to the most cutting-edge aspects of this business. Overall, BitBlox takes an approach that enables the company to scale, and respond to changing conditions, within the still-emerging cryptocurrency industry.


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